The Cygnus War: Downfall

From the back cover:
After the Warship Wu Ang Hok’s smash and grab rescue in the Tarsis system, Tessa and the other pilots from the Von at last find time to grieve– and to face the issues that have gone too long unaddressed. What will this mean for Izzy and Tessa? Will their relationship stand the test of time, or will the appearance of new officers and new trials ultimately shatter the fragile ties that bind them together? Will their relationship (or anyone else on the Hok, for that matter) survive the sudden appearance of a strange force that hits the warship so hard it is knocked back into real space– with no power? Will the intrepid crews of the Von and the Hok make it back to safety, or will a new and darker day dawn where the endless, starry sky is once again full of silver? The Cygnus War: Downfall is the third arc of five in the chronicles of Tessa Eisenherz and Minerva Squadron and includes episodes 47 through 68 of the series.

This is the third of seven episode arcs within The Cygnus War

Individual arcs:
[Tarsis] [Rescue] [Downfall] [Weapon] [Awaken] [Erebus] [Last Run]

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