The Cygnus War: S2: Erebus

From the back cover:
Four years have passed since the incidents that unfolded at Tarsis 12, and the war has not been kind to Tessa Eisenherz or the Commonwealth. Pushing herself to the edge in her own battle to overcome the losses she has suffered and seen, Tessa has thrown herself onto a new and sharper path, modifying her body into the ultimate weapon. Now, there is one more modification she has agreed to take on, but the dark secret that lurks behind it will rise taste blood before she masters it. Who will live and who will die? Who will fall, butchered by Coralate chrome, and who will win through against all odds? Find out in the exciting first half of the second and final session of The Cygnus War! The EREBUS Arc! The Cygnus War: Erebus is the first arc of two in the second session of the chronicles of Tessa Eisenherz and includes episodes 1 through 22 of the series.

This is the sixth of seven episode arcs within The Cygnus War

Individual arcs:
[Tarsis] [Rescue] [Downfall] [Weapon] [Awaken] [Erebus] [Last Run]

How to order:
Paperback ($7.95): [lulu]

Ebook ($2.95): [PDF] [EPUB] [LIT] [MOBI] [Kindle] [Nook] [Scribd]

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