Pardon Our Dust!

Thunderune Publishing is preparing to undergo a series of drastic changes in the next few weeks! Keep an eye out for these new features that we're currently hard at work on:

Upcoming features:
  • Fire up the presses! Thunderune Publishing will soon begin reading your manuscript submissions for full-length novels! Get the details here:

  • Slim down, trim down! With the introduction of a more elegant and ordered "books" page, Thunderune Publishing will be doing away with the product showcase on the right side of the site and replacing it with a "Best-seller" list. Soon, you'll be able to tell what's hot and what hasn't been discovered yet just by checking the list to the right!
  • Quicker than lightning! At Thunderune Publishing, we like quick lit! Soon we will begin unveiling the upcoming "E-Shorts" section of the site, where a selection of short stories and novellas (3,000-12,000 words) will be featured and be made available in all major electronic formats. We've already got two authors on board and most of the infrastructure handled at this point, so we’re all ahead go to launch this feature sometime this month. If you’ve got a story between 3,000 and 12,000 words that you’re particularly fond of, check out our submission guidelines page at:

  • Grab your headset! Thunderune Publishing will soon be launching a new and improved replacement for the "audio" section of the site. We're pruning branches and grafting code to bring you the best in TRP's high-fidelity audio awesomeness!

  • More! More? What other new site tweaks and Easter eggs are coming to Thunderune Publishing in the next few weeks? You'll just have to wait and see!

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