Gold Hills, Rust Valley

From the back cover:

The cities are dead. The valley floor is under sixty feet of salt water. This is California like you've never seen it before.

Journey with the survivors of an apocalyptic future through the rolling hills and muddy canyons of the Gold Country. Fly in a plane crafted from trash over the gridwork of streets and cities sitting in the silt at the bottom of the Central Valley Sea. Challenge swarms of motorcycle-mounted crazies chattering for your death amidst the rusting spikes of a murderous maze in the ruins of Palo Alto. See the world reborn and see it end again in ice, in fire, in the flood of a sea that stretches on forever.

Live all of this and more in Gold Hills, Rust Valley: 20 Tales From Apocalyptic California. Live through it, and you'll never look at California in the same way again.

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