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Thunderune Publishing is an indie publisher of science fiction, games and non-fiction metaphysical works. See below for the latest offerings from our Gameworks, including a number of free resources.

Highest Skies RPG:

Free Resources:

The Cygnus War: Immersive Tactical Simulation Game

Easy to learn, set up, and fun to play, The Cygnus War: Immersive Tactical Simulation Game has everything you need to play pretty much whenever you want, wherever you are. (Just add pencils and a pair of ordinary dice.)

Universal Roleplaying Resource: Planets

Print: $12.00
Download: $5.99
Ever needed a world, and fast? Universal Roleplaying Resource: Planets has got you covered. With over 100 unique worlds certain to be a hit with players and game masters/referees alike, this book is the only resource you’ll ever need when it comes to populating the universe of any game setting!



Built lean, strong, powerful and simple, yet packed with enough Steampunk imagination to get any heart beating like clockwork, Steam Wars is the card game that War was meant to be. Play whole hands of aether-powered heat ray artillery units with support against your foe’s pitiful legions of fusiliers armed with pneumatic cannons, then watch them burn under the force of your might. Clutch your cards in fear as your enemy reveals a hand of steam-mortar emplacements, then bombards your heat-ray artillery into oblivion. Wield a mixed force, sacrifice the weak to distract your enemy, then power on to victory, and all this in about a half an hour! With Steam Wars, you’ll have to use strategy and cunning to overwhelm your foes, forcing them to run through cards until they clutch the last one and sit gibbering as you crush them.

URR: Beyond the Zompocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is here, and you’re in the middle of it. This book isn’t a survival guide, and it isn’t a history, but it may save your life. Want to know what you can expect to find out there if you manage to make it through the first few days, weeks or even years of whatever comes after the end of the world? Get this book and read it before someone better equipped does.

Voyage of the Tereshkova

Voyage Of The Tereshkova is a space exploration card game playable as a solitaire game or against friends to compete for the highest survey score. Collect rare metals, salvage chunks of alien starships and recruit crew members as you explore the galaxy, seeking out the best worlds for future colonization. Brave the dangers of deep space, make hard decisions that can effect the rest of your survey mission and know when to cut your losses before you come back empty-handed (or worse, don't come back at all!)

Minecraft Maps:

In Development:

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