Voyage of the Tereshkova

From the back cover:

“Ten years ago, I became an overnight celebrity when I returned to Terran space with the long lost TEV Minerva. With all of my secrets suddenly exposed, I did the only thing I could do-- I picked up the flag for GMO rights and became the new postergirl for social activism. Why? Because now they knew about my daughter. They knew she wasn't completely human, and it was my duty to fight for her rights, her future.
The year is now 2326. My daughter is a grown woman, and ten years of fighting for her rights has changed the Commonwealth less than I'd like to admit. . .”

Voyage Of The Tereshkova is a space exploration card game playable as a solitaire game or against friends to compete for the highest survey score. Collect rare metals, salvage chunks of alien starships and recruit crew members as you explore the galaxy, seeking out the best worlds for future colonization. Brave the dangers of deep space, make hard decisions that can effect the rest of your survey mission and know when to cut your losses before you come back empty-handed (or worse, don't come back at all!)

This book is part of Tessa's Timeline.

How to order:

Full color, printed (35.95): [Lulu]

Print and play ebook ($9.95): [PDF] [EPUB] [LIT] [MOBI] [NOOK] [KINDLE]

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