Letters From A Dead Earth

Welcome to Jefferson County.

You have no memory of how the world ended. No one does. You don't know when it happened or why. Sometimes it feels like everything fell apart centuries ago. Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday. Only the ruins know for certain.

Hidden among the detritus of a fallen civilization, scraps of paper detail the days preceding the fall and the hell that followed after. Gathered together, they tell the story of what went wrong, and perhaps elude to a deeper mystery that only the keenest of mind might gather from the whispers, the voices of the ghosts of this dead earth.

Buy the book. Play the map. Experience the dead earth.

The world ends 10/10/12.


Paperback: ($10.00) [Lulu]

eBook: ($2.99) [Amazon] or [Direct from TRP]



Free to play, not a Thunderune Publishing product meant for sale or resale.

The map requires the game Minecraft to play!

Get the map here:

Letters From A Dead Earth brings over 100 "book" notes to bear, all scattered throughout a massive (almost 4,000 x 4,000) map featuring 8 cities, 10 towns, five "large vehicle crash sites" and more secrets than you can shake a Mayan calendar at. What happened to the Dead Earth? Find out by collecting numbered books (1 - 100,) piece together the story and decide for yourself. Lots of other (non-numbered) books exist to give the map more character. Can you find them all? Generated with Minecraft version 1.3.2, the world upon which everything is built still retains most of its ores, dungeons, strongholds and other secrets. Play is open-ended and non-linear. Mine, explore, build, conquer, mod or grief by yourself or with friends in this huge post-apocalyptic map. Whatever your playing style is, there's something in Letters From A Dead Earth for everyone.


This map is open but limited. There is no stockade, no guard towers, no electronic frontier, no bedrock walls or sudden dropoffs into endless void to keep you inside the "dead earth" area. If you walk far enough in a given direction, the map will start generating brand new terrain for you to explore (useful if you're playing on a later version than 1.3.2 or running a mod that generates structures (like Ruins,) ores (like IndustrialCraft) or plant life (like LCTrees.) How will you know when you've crossed into new terrain? The main area of the map is bordered by a lopsided ring of cratered wasteland (no grass, no leaves on trees) that serves as a sort of boundary for "Jefferson County." Go beyond it, and new terrain will start generating. That being said, there are a few secrets in the wasteland, so don't be afraid to venture into the unknown, if you feel so inclined!

Find out more about the author here: http://www.eswynn.com/



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