The Quiet Apocalypse

From the back cover:
To this day, no one I talk to is really sure how it happened. The end came, and no one was there to see it. There were no bombs, no zombies, no invading armies, no pole-shifts, prophesies or plagues. The news was full of the usual UN-correlated strikes and police actions, but we weren't at war with anyone. In the years since, I've heard stories of tsunamis, earthquakes, city block-wide sinkholes, industrial collapse, raiders with SUVs falling to gangs with bicycles and hybrids, the kind of isolated fallout movies have taught our generation to expect when the end comes. No reasons why, though. Nothing but the usual shrug and scratch that seems to haunt everyone I meet in this quiet apocalypse.

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This E-Short is also featured in the collection titled: RIM

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