The Cygnus War: Rescue

From the back cover:
Stranded on the war torn frontier of the sprawling Terran Commonwealth, the fighters of the warship Von der Tann IV are caught up in the wake of an exploding planet that scatters them among the debris and leaves them hanging, damaged and divided behind enemy lines. . . But there is hope. Admiral Faith Minear and the warship Wu Ang Hok have arrived in system to recover Admiral Virek’s lost pilots. Who will die and who will survive? Will the Admiral’s daring rescue attempt pay off in the end, or will the Hok fall into the same trap that the pilots of the Von did? Find out in this newest arc of The Cygnus War. The Rescue Arc! The Cygnus War: Rescue is the second arc of seven in the chronicles of Tessa Eisenherz and Minerva Squadron and includes episodes 24 through 46 of the series.

This is the second of seven episode arcs within The Cygnus War

Individual arcs:
[Tarsis] [Rescue] [Downfall] [Weapon] [Awaken] [Erebus] [Last Run]

How to order:
Paperback ($7.95): [lulu]

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