Pink Carbide: Carbon Aria

From the back cover:
Follow the adventures of Cylea as she returns to Los Angeles in search of who she is, chases the clues of a senile researcher to the heart of Antarctica, and returns again to the halls of the Ageless only to learn how powerful faith, conviction, and human greed really are. It’s an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that mixes all the mystique and power of Science Fiction with all the hard-hitting strength of action to produce a thriller like no other. Be there when all hell breaks loose, watch as love grows and blossoms, and witness the way fate ties together every clue and lead when Cylea finally finds out who and what she truly is in the thrilling conclusion to the first Pink Carbide trilogy: Carbon Aria

This is the third book in the Pink Carbide series
Pink Carbide (book 1)
Aluminum Opus (book 2)
Lithium Liederkreis (book 4)
Oxide Overture (book 5)
Fullerene Symphony (book 6)
Silicon Sonata (book 7)

How to order:
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Ebook ($2.99): [PDF] [EPUB] [LIT] [MOBI] [Kindle] [Nook] [iTunes] [Scribd]

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