From the back cover:

In the midst of a new ice age, brave shamans hunt gods born of black glass and steel. The blood of these gods is sacred, and the shamans of each tribe are marked with the sacred blood in ways that give them strange, supernatural abilities.

This is the fifth book in the story of a young shaman who walks between the tribes. When Wing-Seeker sails off into the depths of the Serpent Sea in search of the Ebon Eagle, certain truths come to light that have been buried for thousands of years. Some of these truths have been buried intentionally, truths about sleeping gods from before Spitfire broke the world. When these truths are unearthed, they set the young shaman on a path that makes even the bravest souls among the tribes very nervous about the course of things to come.

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ISBN: 978-1-312-45966-3

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