Highest Skies RPG

From the back cover:

Highest Skies is a high-efficiency RPG system designed for maximum fun, minimal crunch and ease of learning. The engine has been built with the working life of your average adult in mind, and can be learned, taught and played in the course of a single evening. Even better, it holds up well for long term, campaign play, so you don't have to settle for just single sessions.

Inside, you will find the complete rule set for Highest Skies, along with many play examples and optional errata. Featuring the art of Alex Wynn-Rubsam coupled with fiction from the universe of E.S. Wynn's long-running series "The Cygnus War", the main setting for Highest Skies is sure to please anyone looking for a high tech, high exploration and high fun sci-fi sandbox to play in.

For free support materials and a casual play version of the game, visit the RPG's main website at www.highest-skies.com

This book is part of Tessa's Timeline.

ISBN#: 9781678156572

How to order:

Print: $20.00: [Lulu] [Amazon] [Barnes and Noble]

Ebook: $2.99: [PDF] [EPUB] [LIT] [MOBI] [Kindle] [Nook]

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