This series has been discontinued and the episodes overhauled for inclusion in another project. For more information, check out the first book of The Deyacadem Cycle, "Rise of the Forgotten God" by clicking this link: [link]

ARKENSTRIDE is an episodic saga set in a dark and mysterious fantasy world rich with strange magics and exotic places. Created by author E.S. Wynn, Arkenstride is the latest work by the same voice behind Thunderune Publishing's most popular epic, The Cygnus War. Armed with the legacy of the Arkenstride family, a blade gathered and formed from the user's own spiritual energies, Tanelsa Arkenstride is far from the southern lands and the desert empire of her birth. Lost in the snowy, northern hill-country of Brialda, Tanelsa battles the powerful seer Felgath, a dark and shadowy form that holds her sister captive and hunts the young Tanelsa with an army of twisted and horrific creatures unlike anything seen in the Eight Lands before.


(#1)         Shades and Seers: 5/4/12
(#2)      Secrets in the Snow: 5/4/12
(#3)              Fallen Soldiers: 5/4/12
(#4)          Judgment Valley: 5/11/12
(#5)  Touch of the Ghi'Taxa: 5/18/12
(#6)                            Faith: 5/18/12
(#7)        Bakersdale Horror: 5/18/12
(#8)        Road to Yarrowich: 6/1/12
(#9)    Suspicious Strangers: 6/8/12
(#10)        Cavern of Chaos: 6/15/12
(#11)                 Dead Ends: 6/22/12
(#12)    Silence and Sacrifice: 6/29/12
(#13)                              Fear: 7/6/12
(#14)   Measureless to Man:  7/13/12
(#15)   Signs of the Grimgnha: 7/20/12
(#16)      Immortal Darkness: 7/27/12
(#17)           West of Westrise: 8/3/12
(#18)        Dance of the Hunt: 8/10/12
(#19)               Fire and Ice:  8/17/12
(#20)              Lost Wisdom: 8/24/12

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