Sky Wolves

From the back cover:

Sky Wolves: Lost Constellations and Stellar Magic In Old Norse and Ancient European Cosmology

Long before the people of Northern Europe had ever heard names like Orion or Scorpio, the ancient tribes of the Celtic, Germanic and Slavic peoples had their own unique systems of constellations and magic tied to the great shapes and phenomena of the skies.

Sky Wolves is an exploration of the ancient Northern European sky lore that has almost been completely eradicated over the course of the past several thousand years. Each chapter presents a constellation in summary for the curious, then follows it with enough research and scholarly information for skeptics and passionate re-constructionists alike. The text is the result of years of scholarly research, designed and laid out in a way that makes it accessible to practitioners, researchers, shamans, and even people who just want a basic idea of what their Northern European ancestors saw in the sky before the constellations and myths of the classical zodiac all but erased the rich heritage of sky lore that we are, only now, starting to piece together again.

ISBN#: 9781678141080

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May I get on a list to be informed when Kindle format comes out???! This is exciting!

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Thank you! It's now available.

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