Against Atlantis

From the back cover:

Against Atlantis is a steampunk serial that is part thriller, part sci-fi adventure and part fantastic voyage into the unknown. Ride with the soldiers and steamjet pilots of the Yankee States as they stand against the greatest threat the West has ever faced-- the mythical, mystical dragon riders of Atlantis! Uncover secrets and mysteries buried for eons beneath some of the most enigmatic spiritual hotspots in the world. Watch as men and women of her Majesty's Sky Navy fly against great beasts of clockwork and fire, then follow humanity's finest as they step into the cold, dusty vaults of Mars, awakening creatures and god-like beings unlike anything back on Earth.

Against Atlantis and Other Steampunk Stories features the complete, 11 episode series of Against Atlantis, along with ten additional short stories, all from the mind of author E.S. Wynn.

How to order:

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