A Beginning Within An End

From the back cover:


“This masterpiece, belonging to you and I alone,
We’ll share it with the world, touching hearts;
Perhaps we all can unite under the same sky.”
- Canvas

Within the world of modern literature, where emotion and expression become the ultimate tools for writing, Glenda Jane Grande, a young Australian-born writer, makes her mark by releasing her first poetry and prose collection. A select collection of her writings over the past several years reveal an emotive and inspirational view on life.

Glenda Jane writes with four themes as her basis: love, life, music and inspiration. She draws various scenes with her descriptive and empowering words, aiming to remind her audience that being emotional is a part of human nature and encourages each person to accept that part of themselves which many tend to neglect in modern society.

Words written from the depths of the heart, Glenda Jane is a young woman filled with strong visionary passion who loves those around her deeply and honestly, with her literary work reflecting strongly of the soul that dwells within.

Are you ready to be transported into a world of emotive literature?

“Delightful, inspiring, fresh, interesting; this poet has a bright future ahead of her!” - E.S. Wynn

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