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Welcome to Thunderune Publishing!

Thunderune Publishing was founded in 2005 by Author E.S. Wynn as a means of bringing new life into an aging publishing industry. His vision was (and still is) to provide an ethical alternative to the current model and hasten the approach to a future where publishing companies are run cooperatively by the artists, authors, musicians (and their fans) instead of by businesses only looking to make a quick buck.

Here are some reasons why you can feel good about buying books (look to the right for all sorts of interesting things) from Thunderune Publishing.

  • Thunderune Publishing was founded by (and is currently run by) one guy. One really dedicated, idealistic (and tired) guy who puts 40-60 hours a week into expanding and maintaining the Thunderune Network.

To help Thunderune grow (and keep a worthy cause alive!) please consider picking up a gift for yourself (or someone else) in our online bookstore or e-short store! Every purchase helps support both the Thunderune Network and the thousands of authors, writers and poets that I've published.

Founder E.S. Wynn

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