E.S. Wynn's latest novel (and the first in a series of Thunderune Publishing's new LIGHTNING NOVELS,) is now available! Check it out and get your copy today!

From the back cover:

The year is 2124.

Minerva Eclipse and Duke Industries are earth’s two largest aerospace companies, and for the past ten years, these two giants have been working on a joint project to create the world’s first faster-than-light starship, the TEV Minerva. Her first mission is simple; test the experimental Displacement Drive, spend seven days in the depths of space, and snap back. It was supposed to be quick, it was supposed to be easy.

Nobody planned on the corpse. Nobody planned on the fifty thousand year old starship. Nobody planned on the sabotage. Nobody planned on the Captain’s sudden, unexplained suicide.

Nobody planned on being stranded one hundred and twelve light years from Earth.

MINERVA is a Thunderune Publishing Lightning Novel. Lightning Novels are quick and powerful, bold and just long enough, just concise enough, to really stun you.

Download (eBook): $4.95

Print Copy: $9.95


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